Every Thursday Night


What is a Warrior ride? Its a regular ride that everyone is welcome to join in.

This ride represents "Unity".

I have found in my young walk that I have witnessed a lot of Christian segregation.

People tend to hang, relate to, associate with others that may attend their same church, bible study or even wear the same patch. But Gods church resides in our heart, and that is where we find no division. It is there that we find our threads of unity that bind us all.

In my opinion, it takes a true “Warrior” to want to stand tall for Christian unity. It takes a true Warrior to break the paradigm of segregation and find the threads of unity through our faith in Jesus, and it takes a true Warrior to demonstrate the love as described in 1stCorinthians 13 to other brothers and sisters that are outside doctrinal differences, our own churches, bible studies or patches we wear.

So to ride with us, in my opinion, you are a WARRIOR. So the name Warrior Ride seemed very appropriate.

Every chapter will organize there own unity "Warrior Ride" and annual "Unity" event.

Ride on brothers and sisters.