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Are you lost, lonely, depressed, want desperately to be loved, addicted to drugs or alcohol, nowhere to turn, discouraged, or just simply need someone
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 Master with mmWhy We Started

I was hungry to be part of a Christian motorcycle ministry that was made up of Christians that were true “Warriors” in the battles that are always present as one becomes closer to Christ.

I was searching for a Christian motorcycle ministry whose members do not flee from challenges, run from ridicule, fear persecution or hide from conflict, but stood tall and willing to fight for Christ…. every time!

We have rules, guidelines and pre-requisites that are designed to help our brothers & sisters be prepared for battle and have the armor needed to remain in the fight. If you think that this ministry is just about a patch, then maybe you should be looking for a different Christian motorcycle ministry/association.

A member of “Warrior of Faith” walks out their faith by ministering to all lost souls, serving those in need, remaining strong through intense fellowship with other brothers/sisters and most importantly, through it all keeps his/her focus on Christ!
Being a "WARRIOR" is not about a title, it's an attitude of heart!
        ............Brian Trudeau

It isn't About the Patch

 Traditionally, in motorcycle clubs, the cut signifies that a member is loyal to the club and the other members, and it is a 'badge of honor' to wear it.  No disrespect to the colors is tolerated; it is taken as an insult to the club and every member of it. Men will do whatever they can to be authorized to wear the patch. For many, that is one of the highest goals in their life. It makes them feel accepted, and part of a family.
Warrior of Faith is different. Yes, we have a patch. Yes, there are requirements to be able to wear the cut. Yes, certain standards of conduct are expected. 
Unlike most organizations, we do not view the patch as an honor to be earned or a badge of acceptance by Warrior of Faith. 
For us, the patch is a target. For the man who wears the cut, it shows that he realizes the great sacrifice his Lord and Savior has made for him and he has resolved to enlist in the army of the King of Kings in a war against beings more powerful than most of us can imagine. He has chosen to make himself accountable not only to God, but to his fellow warriors to constantly focus on Jesus. By wearing the patch, he is painting on a target and saying to the forces of darkness, "bring it on - my God is bigger, better and badder than anything you can do, and I stand for HIM."
And we do that with or without a patch. Because it isn't about the patch-it's about joining together to follow the only One who is worth following.      
..........................Don Strong (Curly)

I am a warrior 



Are you looking for brothers and sisters that will understand where
you are coming from?

You're at
the right Place!

 brian on bike 

Being a  "WARRIOR"
is not about a title!

It's an attitude of heart!

 This "Warrior" calling can only be walked out through love, surrender, guidance and fellowship with other brothers/sisters wanting to help you become a "Warrior" for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


brotherhood 2

 Helping you stand tall and stay strong throughout your battles with Satan as he uses every weakness you have to turn you away from Christ.

James 2:18
But someone will say,
"You have faith;
I have deeds.”

Show me your faith without deeds,
and I will show you
my faith by my deeds.